Hydrogen is essential in the energy transition towards reaching the Paris Climate Agreement. It is a key enabler for managing the Netherlands’, Europe’s and Global energy mix, as well as for the decarbonization of several sectors. Hydrogen is not only crucial as a feedstock and energy carrier in industry, but also for making parts of the transport sector and the built environment more sustainable, and for the development of CO2-neutral power plants / power plant stations.

With the realization of various applications of hydrogen, we are developing a completely new market: the hydrogen economy. Therefore, it is important to give equal attention and support to all links in the hydrogen value chain and develop an integrated approach.

To achieve an integrated hydrogen supply chain and to be able to accomplish the different projects across this value chain, several barriers related to the availability of renewable energy, infrastructure, supply and demand, costs, and laws and regulations need to be resolved.

With our hydrogen focus group we explore the potential of hydrogen and solutions to hurdles to help create a highly interconnected energy system.

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