System integration

We are reinventing the way we generate and use energy - from fossil-based to CO2-neutral. 
The big challenge is to how bring this transition forward as a whole Globally and in Europe.  
For example in the Netherlands we aim to build up to 70 GW offshore wind power in our North Sea and into the 100's of GW's across the region.
We also aim to drive our industry on this renewable power by electrification and by green hydrogen.
And we need to transform the energy supply to residential areas and for mobility.
Use waste heat of our industry and geothermal for district heating.  
We will import energy carriers likely in the same way as we import vast amounts of crude oil, gas and still quite some coals right now. 
And we transport this energy through our gas and hydrogen grids, power infrastructure ( E-grids) and CO2 pipelines. 
How can we make all of this work? How do we transform over time and make sure that renewable power generation maintains a healthy business and industry keeps its place in European society, competitive at a global level? 
How will the balance between domestic generation of hydrogen (on-shore as well as off-shore), and imports play out and which sectors do they serve ? And which energy technologies play a key role to make the system work? And on top of this all, how do we manage the variability of our renewable power generation? We need to get our congested grids under control and secure a steady supply of power to the users while generation fluctuates. It is this kind of questions that we address in the focus group on System Integration. Together we will shape this important focus area. 

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