Geothermal Energy

The Dutch subsurface can be an excellent source of Geothermal energy, mainly in the form of heat.
Using the stable temperature in the shallow subsurface, geothermal energy is used in combination with heat pumps for generating heating or cooling of houses.

In order to provide higher temperature heat for district or city heating, the process industry or direct heating of glass houses, geothermal energy from deep reservoirs is required, from similar depths as oil and gas production. About 15 deep geothermal wells have been developed to source the glass houses in the Westland area with heat. There are several projects under discussion to develop ultra-deep geothermal wells for high temperature heat for the process industry and district / city heating purposes. Also storage of heat in the subsurface is being studied in combination with district heating. The development of deep geothermal energy requires similar expertise and knowledge as oil and gas drilling and is faced with similar de-risking procedures for the exploration portfolio. Business cases on co-exploration and co-production initiatives for existing or planned oil and gas wells are increasingly showing the potential for joint efforts in developing geothermal energy in the Dutch and European Markets.

The Geothermal Energy working group discusses current developments in deep Geothermal Energy projects in The Netherlands and abroad, and available public funds to stimulate innovation and joint research in this field.

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