Buccaneer Energy Talks&Drinks


October’s Energy Talks&Drinks is focused on solving carbon challenges.
H2 Project North Sea (duo-presentation).

Nexstep laid, in collaboration with industry and TNO, the foundation for the very first test of hydrogen production at sea. A pilot project for the development of hydrogen will be launched in the North Sea. For this, a platform has been selected from Neptune Energy for the coast at Scheveningen. The plan is to place an electrolyser on the platform in 2020 which can produce hydrogen. The North Sea has a scoop: nowhere in the world is hydrogen currently being produced at sea. Jacqueline Vaessen from Nexstep and Menno Landsmeer from Neptune Energy will tell you more about the H2 Project North Sea.

Seismic and CCS
Carbon capture & storage technologies have the potential to reduce the industrial emission of CO2 by up to 90%. After injection of the CO2 into the subsurface, Delft Inversion quantitatively monitor the resulting plume based on seismic surface data. Time-lapse monitoring is key to ensure for example functionality of the seal rock and to guarantee that the entire injected CO2 is safely stored within the subsurface. Dries Gisolf from Delft Inversion will tell you more about seismic and CCS during the talks.

Hydrogen Shipping
The shipping industry has immense potential for reducing its ecological footprint. The technology to build zero-emissions ships exists today and sustainable propulsion technologies are rapidly becoming an attractive alternative to fossil-fuel propelled engines. Fokke van der Veen from Future Proof Shipping will explain you more about how they will contribute to a future proof shipping world.

Nexstep & Neptune Energy – H2 project North Sea
Jacqueline Vaessen & Menno Landsmeer

Delft Inversion – Seismic and CCS
Dries Gisolf

Future Proof Shipping – Hydrogen Shipping
Fokke van der Veen

As always, the Energy Talks&Drinks will take place in the Presentation Room in Building C.

Date: 3 October 2019 
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Cost: Free 
Website: https://buccaneerdelft.com/events/

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