Symposium ‘Wind-meets-Gas’ Going for Synergy

Symposium ‘Wind-meets-Gas’
Going for Synergy
13 and 14 September  2017, Groningen, The Netherlands


The ongoing developments on the North Sea are crucial for the EU energy transition. Appealing new initiatives in which politics, business and knowledge institutes collaborate are of major importance in a time where North Sea developments enter a new stage. Therefore New Energy Coalition (a combination of Energy Valley, Energy Academy Europe, Energy Delta Institute) and a large number of other parties organise the two day symposium ‘Winds-meets-Gas”.
The key focus of the event, which is a follow up of the symposium “Gas-meets-Wind” of June 15 2016 (Rotterdam), will be centred around the latest developments concerning the North Sea area. The attention will zoom in on the most important and recent initiatives that have been taken by companies, public authorities and knowledge institutes in this area. These parties are actively cooperating  in i.e. offshore wind, offshore oil and gas and offshore grids. 

Day 1, Wednesday September 13 (10.30 – 21.30 hours)

This day is dedicated  to the new Synergy-project in which renewable power from Denmark getting onshore at Eemshaven via the COBRA-cable (EU-status: PSI) will be transported towards an electrolyzer at the underground gas storage side Zuidwending. In this project wind energy is partly converted into green hydrogen and experiments are introduced regarding the storage and use of various applications. The Synergy-project has a prominent EU-status, and will be officially launched during the symposium. 
Furthermore the first day will offer a number of appealing keynotes and parallel sessions.
The day will be concluded with a dinner for all participants in the Martini Church.
Day 2, Thursday September 14 (10.30 – 16.30 hours)
Today will focus on offshore conversion and storage of wind energy. During this day various new initiatives and plans, which are currently under developments on the North Sea, will be discussed and explained (i.e. a platform electrification initiative of ENGIE oil and gas and an initiative towards offshore hydrogen production of Vattenfall).
The second day will also offer various top keynotes  and parallel sessions, as well as interactive sessions on various new offshore initiatives and studies.
Organisations involved 
Energy Valley, Energy Delta Institute, TNO, NOGEPA, NWEA, WEC Netherlands, ERIG, ECN, Energy Academy Europe, Province of Groningen.
Der Aa-kerk, Akerkhof 2, 9711 JB, Groningen, The Netherlands
Free of charge for invited participants. 
For more information about the symposium, please contact Debby Huiser, Energy Valley (, +31 (0) 50 789 00 10).
Please note: the symposium is on invitation base only; max. 200 participants.
Kind regards,
Prof. Catrinus Jepma
Chairman Organizing Committee

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