• 06 march 2018
  • 13:00
  • LOCATION: Feijenoord Stadium
  • Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands
The first event on the 2018 theme System Integration was held at Rotterdam Feijenoord Stadium on March 6 with the focus on Connecting Industries. Over 160 participants have discussed the potential value of system integration in industrial applications, in particular chemical industry, refining and fertilizer industry. For industry, two routes are considered attractive to reduce the carbon footprint, which are electrification of processes and using hydrogen as an energy source for high temperature processes or feedstock. Connecting the power sector which will provide sustainable power from p.e. solar and (offshore) wind with energy intensive industrial processes will accelerate the transition to an industry with lower CO2 footprint. The second option is the use of power to gas or ammonia to convert clean electricity into molecules, hydrogen or ammonia, which can serve as an energy source or building block for chemical industry and refineries.

Innovation centers such as ISPT and Voltachem are working on these processing together with various industrial partners from various industries. Siemens and DVGW presented the state of the art and potential value of system integration by connecting industries, while the project ZERO, aiming at zero CO2 emissions in the Groningen province was presented by Groningen SeaPorts.
In addition to the general theme of the day, working group meeting were held in the afternoon on Geothermal Energy, Offshore Energy, Digitalization and Young Professionals. Please link to the working groups if you have a specific interest in one of these topics. The digitization working group decided to organize a separate workshop at the Buccaneer in Delft to discuss the added value of digitization for the oil and gas industry in more depth. Keep track on your mail or our LinkedIn group for the announcements.
All presentations can be found at the website by using your personal login code under ‘’Forum’’, as well as a summary video of the day and the photos taken.

The next event will take place on July 3 with the focus on System Integration in Offshore Energy, thereby connecting not only offshore wind and offshore oil and gas, but also North Sea Countries, to start with UK and The Netherlands.
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