• 04 march 2020
  • 12:30
  • LOCATION: Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

Looking beyond Horizons: 
Technological, economic and societal developments impacting the energy transition

Hosted by Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam, the first event out of three took place on 4 March 2020. With our theme Crossing Bridges, presenters addressed the bridges the energy sector should cross to enhance collaboration, integrate the pillars of the energy system and connect with society. (Inter)national speakers shared their views addressing the bigger societal, technological and economic developments that will impact the energy transition towards a low-carbon energy system. In engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions led by moderator Jan Douwe Kroeske, they urged us to look beyond horizons to spark change, grab the opportunities and embrace the game changers that will drive the energy transition.

Afternoon program
In the plenary part of the afternoon program three presenters shared their views on specific areas that will drive the energy transition. Wilfried Pimenta (IOTA) took us in the world of digitalization and the opportunities for cities, describing some examples, such as co-creating positive energy districts in Europe. Hans van der Spek (FME)informed us about the measures industry can take today to reduce CO2-emissions: through energy efficiency! The FME lead program 6-25 offers ways to reduce 6 Mton CO2 per year before 2025. To kick off the new working group Heat, Luc Brugman (HVC) introduced us to the world of heat transition and the many opportunities this has to offer. 

Working Groups
In the afternoon five working groups (Offshore Energy, Digital Energy, CCUS, Community Engagement, Heat Transition) came together for their individual programs. Reports of these sessions will be shared amongst the members of the respective groups. If you want to take a look, please register your interest in your personal settings to get access. 

Evening progam
Marjan van Loon (Shell the Netherlands), opened the evening program. Interviewed by moderator Jan Douwe Kroeske she highlighted the challenges for global energy companies in the energy transition. A lighthouse role of Shell Netherlands sparks changes within the company and lays the basis for a firm commitment to be a frontrunner in the energy transition, with bold projects such as the recently announced NortH2 project in Groningen.  

Prof. Jos Keurentjes (TU Twente) shared his views on the major transitions that society faces. The variety of transitions, such as energy transition and digitalization, each put society for big challenges not in the least for the energy sector as most of these transitions demand the use of energy, putting even more stress on the climate challenges. 

Ellen Kroijmans (SBM Offshore) and Albena Vassileva (ABN AMRO Bank) shed their light on the future value of the energy sector, seen from two different groups: future employees and investors. Ellen urged the sector to take a different approach when hiring young talent anticipating more to their values and way of living. Albena discussed the attractiveness of the sector to invest in, stressing the need for change in this area as well. 

In an engaging and humoristic presentation, Marc Wesselink (WesselinkVanZijst) reflected on the sector’s approach towards stakeholders, urging us to embrace a much more inclusive approach in the way we build and maintain relationships. Focus on License to operate represents the traditional way of doing business. Companies that operate with a purpose know their own stakes and the stakes of their stakeholders and will earn society’s support for their license to grow.  ‘Companies that do not take serious account of their stakeholders’ interests are doomed’, he warned us.

In a cross-industry conversation, four presenters discussed value in the environment of infrastructures, sustainable cities and smart mobility. Manfred Ackermann (Stadtwerke Emden) and Rainer Saliger(Siemens) showcased the innovations and integrated approach of the city of Emden, making this city in German Friesland more sustainable. Because of its pro-active energy policies, Emden has won many European and national awards and was the energy capital of Europe. In an inspiring pitch Bramske van Beijma-Dudok van Heel (BAM), took us along the road of their smart city program and their experience in transforming cities. Wilfried Pimenta (IOTA) added to that with their experience as open source foundation collaborating closely with various cross-industry stakeholders in to enable smart, digital energy transformations. Arne-Christian Voigt (Volkswagen), stressed the importance of sector coupling. 

In an engaging interview keynote presenter Manon Janssen (Topsector Energie and CEO & Chair Board of Management Ecorys), shared her vision on the energy transition and the impact on the role of the industry. To her opinion, the wicked problem of climate change concerns all society, from industry to consumers. With an active approach - in the value chain - industry will be able to implement solutions.  She urged us to take a closer look to the importance of sector reputation. “Regardless of the sentiment in society being right or wrong, industry and energy companies have to take account of the sentiment and act upon it”, she pleaded. 

Creating a better world 
To illustrate a more personal approach in working closer with other sectors, associations, platforms and other neighbor countries, the steering board of Energy Reinvented Community brought inspiring initiatives (in and beyond the energy sector) to the attention of the community members. 
Board member Jan Prins (Siemens) brought Bart van Kreel (ABN AMRO Bank) to the stage, who will be doing volunteer work in Lesbos end of March and asks us to donate to the “Because We Carry Foundation”, to purchase food and medication. “Bart is going to look beyond Horizons on a completely different level, which inspired me to support him and unlock our network”, Jan stated.

Another feature to create a better world was the initiative of Duik de Noordzee Schoon. The board of Energy Reinvented Community supports the North Sea diving expeditions protecting unique reefs (on shipwrecks) and the biodiverse world on the seabed. Board member Ewald Breunesse (Shell) stated: “We feel inspired by the volunteer divers who annually organise one or more expeditions to the North Sea to increase knowledge and to salvage the reefs on the seabed and shipwrecks from lost fishing gear”. In 2020, all presenters receive a copy of In de Diepte, a book full of pictures about the biodiverse world and unique reefs in the North Sea.  With the purchase of this gift for our speakers, ERC makes a Clean-up Day on the North Sea possible. 

All presentations as well as a summary video of the day and the photos taken can be found at the website by using your personal login code.

Looking forward to meeting you again on our next event on June 4, CROSSING BRIDGES - BRINGING OFFSHORE A SHORE at Den Helder.

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