• 14 november 2024
  • 09:00


We will zoom in on the demand of the Transport sector at the event on the 14th of November , hosted by Shell. We will explore the decarbonisation pathways for different modalities of Transport.

What might first come to mind is the electrification of demand in road transport. This is also relevant for other transport sectors like shipping and, in the future, transport by air. While The Netherlands is a frontrunner with a high and still increasing amount of electric chargers, the integrated energy system comes with a number of opportunities and challenges. In order to deal with the already existing net congestion, the electricity infrastructure needs to be upgraded, expanded and optimized. At the same time, innovation and new opportunities are emerging, for example battery technologies, using electric cars as battery storage and flexible demand, and new mobility concepts in city areas.
We will also discuss the decarbonisation pathways  in order to abate transport sectors, such as long distance heavy duty trucks, aviation and shipping. Will these sectors start using hydrogen? What role will biofuels play? What does this look like from a feedstock and circularity perspective? And what about innovation and feasibility of synthetic fuels as a longer term solution?

The energy transition requires new business models and a new energy infrastructure for e.g. the electrification of industry, the roll out of a hydrogen grid and the storage of CO2. At the same time, players in the energy sector must ensure measurable returns on investment for the funding of their decarbonization and renewable, clean energy projects.

Companies need to steer their operations to capitalize on present and future market requirements and to anticipate on policy incentives. Those companies that form cross industry sector alliances and remain agile in sometimes volatile market conditions, will be the ones to emerge as leaders in the energy transition.

These challenges and such more will be the focus of our event on 14 November 2024, hosted by DELOITTE and SHELL.

details coming soon

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