• 14 november 2024
  • 09:00

Transport accounts for around 30% of global energy demand and is responsible for more than a third of CO2 emissions from end-use sectors (source: IEA). That is why DECARBONISATION PATHWAYS FOR TRANSPORT is the theme of the third ERC event of this year under our 2024 Focus on Demand theme. The event will be hosted by Deloitte and Shell. Previous events addressed demand in the built environment and matching demand and supply for industry respectively.

The agenda of DECARBONISATION PATHWAYS FOR TRANSPORT will address road transport, shipping and aviation. You can expect to hear about drivers for decarbonization, such as changes in regulations and consumer preferences, and about levers for decarbonization, such as technological innovations and new mobility concepts in urban areas.

Together with a lineup of experts from transport industry segments, science, government and industry associations we will be looking for answers to the questions:
  • How will the role of electricity, hydrogen and biofuels in road transport evolve?
  • What experiences and new solutions are there for heavy duty trucks?
  • What will be the fuel of the future for inland, coastal and deep water shipping?
  • What are the challenges for shipping, and the possible technical solutions, while addressing financials, availability of yards and commercial assessments?
  • What are demand expectations for conventional and renewable aviation fuels?
  • What drives consumer choices and what changes are possible?
  • What national, European and international regulations affect how and how fast can transport sectors decarbonise?
  • What can governments do beyond regulations to activate and accelerate change?
Details will soon follow. Updates will also be shared to registered ERC members via email and with ERC followers on LinkedIn.
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