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Where on the website can I, BECOME A MEMBER?
  • Use the Key icon.
  • Or choose MEMBERS in the navigation and choose BECOME A MEMBER.

I do not receive any mail or invitations.
  • Have you updated your personal account? Please LOG IN and update your account.

The logo or name of the company is not correct.
  • Your account is a personal account. Have you your mail address or switched company,  LOG IN and update your personal account. The webmaster is not permitted to change any details of your personal account,

Is the membership cost-free?
  • Yes, the membership is cost-free.
  • There is an additional fee for attending the events. 

Are the any cost additional cost?
  • We ask a participation fee in view of too many no-shows during the recent events which prevented others to participate. The ticketing is provided by Eventbrite.

Information about EVENTS and TICKETS OGRC:​​​​​
  • Membership of the OGRC is required to buy a ticket and attend the OGRC events. 
  • There is a limit of buying 1 ticket each member.
  • The confirmation mail of Eventbrite has a QR code, this is your ticket and access to the OGRC event.
  • Tickets are personal and can not exchange to other colleagues or persons.
  • Refund of your ticket is possible until 7 days before the event will take place.
  • If you are student, please contact the projectmanager connie@oilandgasreinvented.com about the discounts especially for students.
  • The board and projectmanager of OGRC are permitted to refuse persons and cancel tickets when this is not referring to the terms and
    conditions of OGRC.

Any other questions or requests?
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