Annual theme 2018: Creating value with System Integration

Annual theme 2018: Creating value with System Integration

Introduction of OGRC’s first annual theme at the iScope in Rijswijk

On January 19, the first annual theme of the Oil & Gas Reinvented Community was presented during a breakfast meeting in the Shell Projects & Technology facility iScope in Rijswijk. We are pleased to announce that the theme for 2018 is :
“Creating Value with SYSTEM INTEGRATION”.

The introduction of this integrated theme answers to the strong call of many of our members for closer cooperation in the sector and the initiation of more active collaboration among our members. This was emphasized several more times during the discussions that resulted of the inspiring talks of the guest speakers this morning.

Harold Veldkamp (Alliander) talked about the need to entice industries to invest in large-scale conversion and energy storage such as compressed air energy storage and how this could resolve the missing link in energy transition, energy storage by connecting  old and new technologies. Thereafter, Martine Verweij’s (Green Bridges) insights on the social conditions necessary for successful employment of innovations at the ‘crowded arena’ of the North Sea, combining offshore wind and gas, but also considering other functions such as fishery, led to an interesting plenary discussion between the two guest speakers, which focused on the difference in perspectives of the industry and the public and how resistance to these technocratic perspectives formed an impediment for the acceleration of the energy transition.

The session concluded, therefore, that system integration will also require integrated visions and perspectives so as to win back public support for the technological innovations that the energy transition demands. The desired end goal of the theme year would therefore be to harvest the first results of newly set up joint projects for e.g. new applications, solutions and or business- and partner models among our members. The Communities Working Groups will be instrumental to initiate these projects but we welcome all our members to create new coalitions of stakeholders that can drive the transition.

We are happy that 2018 has finally started and look very much forward to see you at our upcoming events.

6 March: Connecting industries; Creating value Creating value from system integration

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Author: Marijn Popma
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