In this new working group - launched on 21 March 2019 - we want to drive knowledge and understanding amongst the OGRC members and beyond how the energy industry can remain a relevant member of society in relation to solutions this industry provides in the energy transition.

The energy transition towards a climate neutral energy system puts society for a huge challenge: provide energy to a growing population whilst preserving our planet. In a fast-changing society driven by digitalisation and globalisation, communities and stakeholder groups express their concerns about the energy transition and question the role of industry and the solutions it provides. It is in our mutual interest to improve understanding of others and our ability to create dialogue and a sense of shared purpose. 

This working group focuses on (1) our understanding of the external world and (2) our internal adaptivity to other ways of engagement. In the session of 21 March, we explored and discussed expectations, ambitions and limitations, inspired by a presentation of a community project: Leiding over Noord

In the session of 27 June, we want to take the learning element a big step further. We aim to start a Frontrunners group: people from within and outside our industry who are well-known for their ability to drive new ways of thinking when it comes to stakeholder engagement. They may have worked in projects that demonstrate(d) good and best practices in driving public acceptance and appreciation or have differentiated themselves in other ways in this area. To cross-fertilize our learning, we will facilitate a round table discussion together with theseFrontrunners. 

Potential Frontrunners have an open and honest attitude towards the public and social institutions impacted by their project. Giving positive feedback is natural to them and they are a partner with a keen eye for everyone's interest. They know how to organise public support, they build public partnerships and they fully understand the value of the interests of other stakeholders involved. 

Do you consider yourself a Frontrunner, are you interested to learn from others, and enthusiastic to share your experience with others, or are you interested in this topic? Please join our working group by subscribing to the event.
For more information: please contact Susan Kimkes, via

Author: Susan Kimkes
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