From the Steering Board Committee

From the Steering Board Committee

Preparing for the next meeting of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community is always intensive. Selecting the theme of the event, keynote speakers and panel members, moderator. And not to forget preparing the workshop sessions with the session chairman.

The theme of the event is one of the most important challenges of the future energy system, where intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar entering the energy system of baseload sources from nuclear, coal and gas. To balance energy demand and supply, energy conversion and storage are key to realize a stable and reliable system. But where are we in the area of energy storage, in particular battery electric storage, (subsurface) heat storage and large scale gas or hydrogen storage? Can we use energy conversion from electrons to molecules and from heat to power or back to balance the system? We have invited key speakers on these topics to inform us on the current state of play.

Our new website has clearly shown its added value for our members, we have attracted now over 350 active members of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community, who are not only interested in participating the events, but are also collaborating and exchanging information via the working groups and our Linked-In group. We will expand our activities in between the events by activating our network.

One of the requests from our network was to start a working group on the theme Geothermal Energy. In the Netherlands, Geothermal energy is being developed for direct heat use, mostly in Zuid Holland for the horticulture, and to a lesser extent for residential use via heat networks. The government wants to develop also deep geothermal energy sources to provide high value heat for the process industry. Here the experience and knowledge of the oil and gas sector is key to manage the risk and minimize cost. The new working group will be led by Marit Brommer, executive director of IGA, supported by Maurice Hanegraaf of TNO.

Looking forward to meeting you on our next event in June 29, Madurodam the Hague, meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments via, or contact Connie for any questions you may have on Oil and Gas Reinvented via

Best regards,

Rene Peters on behalf of the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented 
Author: Rene Peters
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