From the steering Board Committee

From the steering Board Committee

Dear Members,

On March 5 2021, the Steering board of the Energy Reinvented Community gathered to discuss the upcoming events on April 8 2021. This is our first main online event “The Dutch Energy law” as part of our overall program this year “ Beyond Borders”.
Our timing for this topic seems to be good. Recently, there has been a lot of attention for the impact of the European Green Deal and local new energy law. It’s great to see that governments and the industry embracing and developing this new energy laws. Not only local but also cross border. This will speed up collaboration, innovation, new programs and projects.                                       

It always is a challenge to get the speakers, keynote speakers and panel members special in the current corona environment. We are supporter of diversity not just because it is the right thing and not because of International Woman day last Monday. But in order to stay a step ahead and get an interesting mix of speakers and panel members. During our meeting we got the conformation of Medy van der Laan of “Energie Nederland”, she will contribute to our upcoming event. 

In our first online event 8 April 2021 we will focus on topics related to our theme in the area of thinking beyond borders in energy carriers, electrons of molecules this in relation with the new Dutch Energy Law.

We will discuss and focus the following main topics:

  • What are the goals and view from our EU and Dutch governments?
  • What is the view of Energy & Utilities companies?
  • What is required regarding electrical and Gas & Hydrogen infrastructure?
  • What is required regarding regulation and legal perspectives?
  • How to achieve our goals with the all involved parties and the complete supply chain?

We further discussed about the activities, site events and progress of our working groups.      
We consider to start new working groups also jointly with other associations, communities and or platforms. We will continuously be evaluating this and also ask you to convey your own views on this if you have them. If you have idea’s please let us know!

We are already busy with the preparation of our second event June 8 2021 “Beyond Borders”: Bringing offshore energy a shore”. This is the first event we jointly organize with the North Sea Offshore and the Port of Den Helder.
We working on different scenarios for this event:
Online event meeting, Hybrid event (Online & Face to face), or face to face event. Depending on the COVID-19 regulation we will choose the most safe scenario. 
We are looking forward to meeting you online on our next event in April 8 meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments via, or contact our projectmanager Connie for any questions you may have on Energy Reinvented Community via

On behalf of the Steering Committee,

RenĂ© Peters | Koenraad van Hasselt | Martine Hoeksma | Jan Prins | Barthold Schroot



Author: Jan Prins
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