From the steering Board Committee

From the steering Board Committee

Dear Members,

On April 16th, 2021 the Steering Board of the Energy Reinvented Community again convened in the virtual format that we have all become so acquainted with by no. Our ‘new’ board members Martine and Koenraad are playing their part and strengthened the team, but we still haven’t had the chance to meet in the real world.

We spent part of our agenda on a look back at the event “The Dutch Energy law” which we organised on April 8th. Most agree that we had a good program with interesting speakers and that the topic which may seem a bit ‘dry’ to the taste of many more technically driven people indeed turned out to ignite a very lively debate during the panel discussion!

All in all, we hosted 133 viewers in the virtual event. We again like to thank those who contributed, also to the working group sessions in the first part of the afternoon. Each of the working groups enjoyed the participation of around 70 – 85 participants.

Our next event will be organized on June 8th and has the title “Bringing Offshore Energy Ashore”. We decided that this will again be a completely virtual edition. We do intend to have the speakers on the site in Den Helder.
Energy Reinvented and Port of Den Helder will jointly organise the event in close collaboration with North Sea Energy Gateway, HSV, Ontwikkelingsbedrijf NHN and Airport Den Helder. 

During our meeting we discussed the line-up of speakers, whom we are now approaching with the request to present or participate in an panel discussion.

Finally, we discussed the idea to install an active sub-committee on communication, because we all see that need to reach out more and more from our community to the outside world. We will discuss the details in our next meeting.

Please feel free to approach with any good idea!
Or contact our projectmanager Connie for any questions you may have on Energy Reinvented Community via

Best regards,

Barthold Schroot on behalf of the Steering Committee.





Author: Barthold Schroot
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