From the Steering Board Committee

From the Steering Board Committee

For most of us the Summer holidays have ended, though some lucky fellows have their annual leave yet to come. I returned from a beautiful and challenging sailing trip to the Lille Belt area in Denmark. We came across some offshore gas production platforms near the Wadden Islands, and lots of wind turbines in the German Bight. Especially during the night offshore constructions look impressive from their size or from the number of blinking red lights on the wind turbines…

Back in town, as a steering committee we discussed general and recent developments, like synthetic fuels,  in our industry and planned for the upcoming event on 9 November in Amsterdam. Earlier this year we decided upon the theme: Hydrogen as an energy carrier.

In industrial environments such as refining, hydrogen is produced and applied on a large scale as a feedstock for end products like gasoline. Our industry is therefore very familiar with the hydrogen infrastructure and usage. The other end of spectrum today is the introduction of the fuel cell – hydrogen car, for instance the Toyota Mirai that our president-director of Shell Nederland drives.

However, there is much more about the future of hydrogen. And that’s where we will talk about on our next community meeting. We will have speakers from industrial and distributing companies. With the speakers in mind and the program in execution we can expect an inspiring symposium!

You are very welcome to join!
And of course we have our Young Professionals pitching their business ideas “From costs to investment opportunity”. We are looking forward to great ideas from the new generation business leaders.

Finally, we had to say goodbye to our intern Sarah Bakir who did an excellent job during this year in helping to improve our website and communications, and organizing our events. Many thanks to Sarah, and welcoming Marijn Popma who will continue her activities for the coming half year.
Looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam,

Best regards on behalf of the steering committee,
Ewald Breunesse
Author: Ewald Breunesse
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