From the steering Board Committee

From the steering Board Committee

On Feb 20, 2020 the Steering board of the Energy Reinvented Community gathered to discuss the upcoming events on March 4, 2020.
The first upcoming main event opening event “Crossing bridges: looking beyond horizons”will take place at Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam.

Our timing for this topic seems to be good. Recently, there has been a lot of attention for the Energy transition with focus on more system integration approach.  Also our local and EU governments  “Crossing bridges, borders and supporting looking beyond Horizon” to work more closer together for e.g. Germany and The Netherland with example of Hy3 project but their many more examples. Its great to see that government and the industry embracing the energy transition and develop jointly programs and projects.

It always a challenge to get the speakers, keynote speakers and panel members.
During our steering board meeting we got the conformation of Manon Janssen of the Topsector Energy                              

In this first openings event we will focus on the Technological, societal and economic perspective of our sector as the new playground beyond horizons for energy transition.
Oil and Gas production is in decline and offshore wind is booming. New ideas, business models and technology will bring functions of regions, countries and several sectors more and more together for e.g. Oil & Gas, Chemical, Bio, Offshore Wind, Solar, Harbors, Cities, Airports and Mobility.  This in a more system integrate approach  also called sector coupling e.g. Energy storage, Power to x (for e.g. Hydrogen Ammonia), integrated Heat grid, Green fuels for Airports.    

Regarding the several working groups there is a discussion about which of the groups are most active and most successful and in which cases there is some doubt because of limited apparent interest. This year our overall program is Crossing bridges which mean that we have the goal to working closer with other association and our platforms in the Netherlands and in the EU.

We will continuously be evaluating this and also ask you to convey your own views on this if you have them.
In this event we will introduce a new working group “Heat transition”. This working group we working in close cooperation with Geothermal platform.
We as steering board are proud that our new working group leaders  Sander de Jong (EBN), Maurice Hanegraaf (TNO), Jeroen van Duin (Shell) and Frank Schoof of Geothermal platform) support this new working group.  March 4 this their first meeting please support and this new working group with their program and upcoming events.
We consider to start new working groups this also based on our Connecting Bridges program of this year together with other associations and or platforms.
If you have idea’s please let us know !

We discussed about the activities and progress of our Community Engagement working group. Related to Community Engagement (Public engagement) activities, Ewald Breunesse and  I will present new activities related to our public engagement and society where we need the support of our community.

We are already busy with the preparation of our second event June 4 ““Crossing bridges: bringing offshore energy a shore”. This is the first event we jointly organize with the North Sea Offfshore, port of Den Helder and companies out of the Den Helder / Amsterdam area.
We are looking forward to meeting you on our next event in March 4, meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments via, or contact our projectmanager Connie for any questions you may have on Energy Reinvented Community via

Best regards,

Jan Prins on behalf of the Steering Committee Energy Reinvented Community

Author: Jan Prins
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