From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

My reflections on our Steering Board meeting in Delft, Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

It is always a great pleasure getting together with Connie, René, Jan and Alfonso at our monthly meetings. At these meetings we reevaluate the steps taken and focus on the future, which leaves us much to be excited about. Think of all the energy topics we can put up for discussion within the Oil & Gas Reinvented Community!

Let us take you through what we have discussed, starting with the relaunch of our new website last week. Completely renewed with the look and feel of the website an not completely irrelevant being someone with a marketing background: a more user-friendly interface! I hope you will enjoy the new website and look and forward to your feedback. My biggest thank you goes to Connie, our webmaster and Daniel Sandifort of Sandifort Id, web designer, for creating the new website!

Next on the agenda was our upcoming event, Big Data in Oil & Gas, on March the 30rd 2017 in the ‘Broodfabriek’ in Rijswijk. It promises to be a highly interesting event with contributors from within the industry and outside. I am particularly interested in hearing from these experts and gaining new insights, as I am a layman in the subject matter myself. 

During the afternoon sessions we will host the working groups. As a ‘nestor’ of the Young Professionals (YP’s) I will run a workshop with ABN-AMRO Bank and PWC on the topic ‘How to finance the Energy Transition: From Cost-center to Investment Project’. We have created quite the challenge for our young professionals with this one!

We furthermore discussed an invitation we received to host a workshop on integrating Oil and Gas and off-shore wind staffing for operations and maintenance. Indeed, let us make use of potential synergies! We welcome our off-shore wind and other energy operators are very welcome to join us and develop common interests.

Finally, looking ahead.  For 2017 we plan to meet at the end of  June and early November regarding ‘Petro-industry in transition’ in the Rotterdam port area, and ‘Energy Storage’ which play a major role in the energy transition. One might think of the seasonal production and bridging (during the winter) of our energy (electricity) from renewable sources. These include alternatives such as batteries/electro-chemical, bio and synthetic methane and hydrogen caverns, ammonia and methanol. 

We have some first thoughts of setting up a challenge on this topic, running from June till October for our YPs, to get the brightest ideas that will be awarded by the Community. I am very much looking forward to hear the inspiring pitches from our talented colleagues in the industry as well as new injections from other industries!

Best regards, Ewald Breunesse – very happy to receive your comments and suggestions at
Author: Ewald Breunesse
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