From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

On November 28rd the Steering Committee held its progress meeting at Shell  to prepare for the next event. The SC is planning a next event on March 30, 2017, with a focus on the impact of Big Data in Oil and Gas. A very promising area with much to learn from other markets where big data has found its application and added value. Interesting to discuss what the impact will be for the oil and gas sector. We are now inviting external speakers for the event. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by mail and we will take it into consideration.

Another important development of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community is that we have decided to completely renew the internet site of our community, to make it more dynamic, fit for purpose and interactive for our members. We have selected a new partner who will start before the end of the year to build the new site. You will be informed when it is launched in Q1 2017.

In the area of system integration of offshore energy a lot is happening. The World Energy Council is preparing a study on the economic value of system integration options for the North Sea. We are contributing to the study and provide background information from our recent study on System Integration Offshore Energy (SIOE) of TNO, EBN, Shell and TNO. An invitation was sent to all members of the oil and gas reinvented community for the high level event organized by the World Energy Council on Jan 24, 2017 where the intermediate results will be presented. Meanwhile, also a new project proposal to work on North Sea Energy has received funding of Topsector Energy. More information will be shared at the next working group of Offshore Energy.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee organized a brainstorm session supported by Marit Brommer, external consultant, on the future strategy and communication of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community with some inspiring ideas. You will find out when our new website will be live!

Looking forward to meeting you on our next event and meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments,

Best regards,

Rene Peters on behalf of the SC Oil & Gas Reinvented

Author: Rene Peters
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