From the Steering Committee Oil and Gas Reinvented

From the Steering Committee Oil and Gas Reinvented

On March 6th the Steering Committee held its progress meeting at Shell to prepare for the next event and discuss our marketing efforts. We also met with Sarah Bakir of Shell, who will support the steering committee in the area of marketing and communication about the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community.

We are in the final stage of the organization of the next event on March 30, 2017, with a focus on the impact of Big Data and what it can mean for the energy sector. This will be the 8th event of our community, and registration shows that we will attract again over 150 participants. Much attention is not only paid to the plenary session in the evening, but also to the working groups, who will have their regular meetings in the afternoon.

We will also review the efficiency of the working groups, and the interest to join on the selected topics CCUS, Robotics, Digital Oil and Gas, Offshore Energy and a special program for Young Professionals. Potentially new working groups may start such as Geothermal and Energy Storage, where a lot of oil and gas knowledge and experience can be valuable to make it a success. Please provide us your feedback on these items via

By reading this BLOG, you must have found our new website, of which we are extremely proud. This provides us an efficient means to communicate with the members of the community, at the moment over 300, on ongoing activities and plans in key area of energy transition and the contribution that can be made from the oil and gas society to this transition. However, we have learnt from Sarah that that is not sufficient to keep attention. We will start to communicate more regularly via social media, in particular via the LinkedIn Group ‘’Oil and Gas Reinvented Community’’.  ‘So if you are not yet connected to this group, please join!

Our members are also invited to contribute to the new website by sharing their innovations with us. We will promote them via the website to all members and interested parties. The community should become a platform for innovation and knowledge sharing with the aim to support the acceleration of the energy transition with a maximum benefit of the knowledge, experience and capital available from the oil and gas sector.

Looking forward to meeting you on our next event and meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments via,

Best regards,

Rene Peters on behalf of the SC Oil & Gas Reinvented 
Author: Rene Peters
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