INVITATION: 6th of February, Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges

INVITATION: 6th of February, Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges

Save-The-Date: Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges, February 6th 2019, Utrecht

Dear sir/madam,

Please save the date for the first public event from the North Sea Energy program in 2019.

On February 6th 2019 we invite you to join us for the small conference Offshore System Integration – Merits & Challenges where we will present the main results of the North Sea Energy 2 program. The session will take place from 14.00-17.00h.

In the North Sea Energy program, several studies have been done to identify and characterize important aspects that make offshore system integration successful. Some highlights of the program:
  • Techno-economic analysis for several case studies of offshore clusters, focusing on how varying scenarios for electrification, CO2 storage and hydrogen production offshore may be put into practice.
  • An inventory of the most important regulatory challenges for the implementation of offshore system integration
  • Studies towards how the implementation system integration affects ecology and environment

The conference will take place at TNO Utrecht, Princetonlaan 6, Utrecht.
Please register for the conference here.

Many thanks on behalf of all the knowledge partners,
Rene Peters
Frank Wilschut
Joris Koornneef
Ellen van der Veer
Author: Rene Peters
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