We are reinventing the way we generate and use energy in our path to decarbonization. Hydrogen will play an important role as a ‘system integrator’ that ties the different aspects of the energy transition together: it is the crucial link between renewable energy production and the need for molecules, as a feedstock and energy carrier in industry, for the transport sector, for the built environment, and for CO2-neutral flexible power in a renewables-based energy system.

ISPT, Siemens Energy and NLHydrogen join forces in the combined focus group session Hydrogen & System Integration. Pursuing our 2024 theme FOCUS ON DEMAND, we have arranged for an inspiring session that revolves around the demand of hydrogen and the required system integration for our industry.

We explore the development of new value chains with hydrogen and look cross-border with the role of imports, the development of demand in the Netherlands and Germany, and the transport through the Delta-Rhine Corridor as an ultimate system integration to make ends meet. The organizers look forward to welcoming you to this interactive session.

In the first part of this focus group session, Jurgen Hoekstra, Akshay Bhardwaj, Fennet van de Wetering, and Eric van Herel will present their views and expectations on the future of hydrogen from different perspectives and opportunities. In the second part the speakers will take part in a panel discussion. There will be room for questions from and discussion with the participants. 
Will you join us in this interactive session?

  • Welcome and introduction of the Hydrogen focus group, Joyce Conings, Program Coordinator, NLHydrogen and Andreas ten Cate, Program Director System Integration, ISPT, & Jan Prins, VP Business & Project Development Siemens Energy;
  • Setting the scene: challenges concerning the demand for hydrogen, Jurgen Hoekstra, Vice President & Managing Director, BASF Benelux & Akshay Bhardwaj, Head of Commercial Business Development Global Ammonia, OCI Global;
  • Infrastructure requirements for matching energy demand challenges, Fennet van de Wetering, Partner Galan Groep and quartermaster and special envoy Delta Rhine Corridor, Galan Groep
  • How to meet the demand for hydrogen (carriers), Eric van Herel, Business Manager Energy Transition, Air Products;
  • Discussion / Q&A;
  • News, wrap up, way forward.
About the organizers
ISPT is the leading institute for open innovation in the process industry. At the heart of our efforts is the transition towards a CO2-neutral, circular economy in 2050. Our core pillars are energy transition, raw materials transition and agrifood transition. We center our programs on industry’s needs and organize them thematically in programs such as on green hydrogen, circular use of carbon, or sustainable generation of heat. We make sure outcomes of the projects are shared so that everyone can learn from them. Not just in the Netherlands, but anywhere in the world.

NLHydrogen is the industry association that connects, strengthens, and represents the Dutch hydrogen sector. NLHydrogen has members active in the production, import, transport, use and storage of hydrogen, including the related manufacturing industry. Together, we are leading the transition to a CO2-free society. Through knowledge building and sharing, a powerful network and sustainable solutions, we ensure that our members are and remain frontrunners. More information can be found on

Siemens Energy is a global leader in energy transition technology. Located in 90 countries Siemens Energy operates across the whole energy landscape. From conventional to renewable from power, from grid technology, hydrogen production technology, to energy storage and electrifying complex industrial processes. Our mission is to support companies and countries with what to need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make energy reliable affordable and more sustainable. More information can be found on

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Author: Joyce Conings
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