Program Working Group Robotics 29 June 2017

Program Working Group Robotics 29 June 2017

The working group Robotics will have a session in the afternoon, during the next event "THE FUTURE PERSPECTIVE OF ENERGY STORAGE AND CONVERSION. The use and adoption of Robotics in the petrochemical and offshore industry is rapidly gaining momentum.

The objective of this session is:
In order to keep up with the pace, the upcoming Workgroup session will work towards tangible joint projects for Research, Development and Implementation.
Program Working Group Robotics (13:30-15:30)
1. Mapping needs and interests of the participants (15 minutes)
    For which application(s) are you interested in robotic solutions?
    a. Storage/cargo tank IRM (Inspection Repair and Maintenance)
    b. Pipe IRM
    c. Pressure vessel IRM
    d. Remote operator on topsides and petrochemical plants
    e. Wind blade IRM
    f. Subsea IRM
    g. Exoskeletons for human enhancement
    h. Decommissioning offshore platforms
    i. Other?
2. What specific challenges do you face for these robotic applications? (30 minutes)
3. How to jointly tackle those challenges:
    Presentation of Open Innovation Centre i-Botics (15 minutes)
4. Towards tangible solutions: Three Joint Development Projects.
     Present, discuss and tailoring of the projects (60 minutes)
      a. Subsea Enhanced Reality
      b. Applying Exoskeletons in Practice
      c. Intuitive control of Robots and Manipulators

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Yours sincerely,

Arjen de Jong
Working Group Leader Robotics

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Author: Arjen de Jong
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