Terms and conditions “Website Energy Reinvented Community”

A. Purpose
The purpose of this community is improving and innovating the oil and gas industry and is intended for the companies, knowledge institutes and public organisations in the energy sector  (“Community”). In addition to the disclaimer (Link), the following terms and conditions apply to the community members, which includes the members of the Steering Committee (“Members”), the community website (energyreinventedcommunity.com) “Website”) and/or related events.

B. Application for membership
Applicants can submit their request for membership in the Community via the Website. The Steering Committee of ERC will decide whether or not to accept the applicant as a Member, based on criteria, which can be amended from time to time such as, but not limited to: added value to the Community and their activities, background, function profile, employer and/or company compliance issues. The decision is at the discretion of the Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee of ERC is under no obligation to explain its decision to an applicant for approval or rejection of membership. By applying for a membership, the applicant agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.
There are no costs associated to the membership as such.

C. Terms and conditions
-  Any breach of these terms and conditions will lead to immediate termination of the membership and/or access to the secured part of the Website.
-  Members need to submit personal information to join the Community and agree to the use thereof in line with the privacy statement as set out below.
-  The Steering Committee  of ERC reserves the right to restrict and/or terminate - at any time and without reason - the access of Members to this Community, or related parts thereof.
-  The Steering Committee of ERC reserves the right to withdraw content from the Website if it considers such content inappropriate.
-  Members are obliged to act in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations related to this Community, including but not limited to competition law. In case of a breach by a Member, the relevant Member shall indemnify The Steering Committee  of ERC against any and all claims resulting thereof.
-  The use of the Community or its content for commercial purposes by Members is strictly prohibited.
-  Members are solely responsible for securing their password as provided to them.
-  Members will reserve all rights in respect of materials submitted by them within the Community and are fully responsible for the legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality and intellectual property rights thereof.
-  By submitting materials within the Community, the Member warrants that - to the extend required- it has the approval of its
employer and/or rightful owner.
-  The use of materials submitted within the Community is at the sole risk of the Members.
-  All materials submitted within the Community can be used and altered - free of charge and unlimited- by The Steering
Committee ERC for marketing purposes, promotion purposes and events.

B. Privacy statement
-  The ERC will comply with the applicable laws concerning data protection of personal data of the members.
-  Any personal data of a Member will solely be used for the operation of the Website, which includes but is not limited to::
1. Planning of and invitations to the Community meetings, working groups meetings , workshops, conference of the Community members and other events
2. Information exchange between The members
-  The Steering Committee of ERC collects, uses or discloses personal data solely for purposes made known to the
Member concerned, unless disclosure is used for the following:
·  Personal data is used for additional goals related to the original goals for which the personal data are collected;
·  The use of data is necessary for the drafting, negotiating or the performance of a contract concluded between the
Member who’s data is concerned and the Steering Committee of ERC;
·  The use of data is required by law or competent government or judicial body;
·  The use of data is necessary for the launch or of a legal claim or defence; or
·  The use if data is necessary for the prevention of fraud or other illegal activities.
-  Every Member has the right to request access to and correction or deletion of his personal data. The Steering Committee of ERC may ask for sufficient identification in order to prevent misuse.
-  The Steering Committee of ERC takes technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data of members from involuntary or illegal deleting, loss or alteration, or from unauthorised disclosure or access.
-  The Steering Committee  of ERC cannot be held responsible for the use of hyperlinks, or the privacy policy or content of any such website.

-  When visiting The Steering Committee  of OG Reinvented websites, The Steering Committee of ERC websites can store information on Members computer in the form of “cookies” to recognise the computer during future visits of the website. Members can change settings in their browser to delete existing cookies from the hard disk, block future cookies or receive warnings when websites try to store cookies on a members computer.
The Steering Committee of ERC uses cookies for the following purposes:
To ensure the functionality of the site, which includes to recognize registered members as such during their site visit, and show them information that does not appear to unregistered users.
-  For more information, questions and remarks on the data protection, please contact The Steering Committee of ERC via the following mail: admin@energyreinventedcommunity.com.

C. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with Dutch Law and in the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions. Any dispute arising in relation to the application whether in contract or tort or otherwise will be submitted to the applicable court in The Hague.

Version: 02
Date: 1. September 2018 

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